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Creative Christmas Card Projects


People around the world have found fun and joy making Christmas card projects. Christmas cards become plentiful during the Christmas season, but many people donít realize they are useful as craft material as well. Here are some ideas for making your own Christmas card projects that only use a pair of scissors, some glue, string, cards, paper, and kits, where needed:

Christmas Card Collages

Some people enjoy the different symbols and landscapes so much in Christmas cards that they cut them out and make an entire collage with them. These Christmas card projects can serve as functional artwork on their own or as bases for placemats or to display under glass on your coffee table. The cards can be sorted by theme and made into specific works that highlight category such as spiritual, nature, or ornamental themes.

Customized Coffee Mugs

Craft stores carry a kit to allow you to insert card stock in between the liner of a mug, which make excellent and simple Christmas card projects. Using old Christmas cards, one can use one or many cards to make a backdrop on the card stock and insert it for an instant holiday mug. Use them for yourself or tower some packaged teas, cocoas, cookies, or cider spice mix, and you have a beautiful holiday gift as well.

Holiday Memory Tree

Save all the Christmas cards you receive each year and when Christmas time comes around, tape them in the shape of a Christmas tree on a wall to display them all at once. Start at the top with a single card, and two below that. They can be overlapped if you have many cards, or spaced apart if you have few. This not only is a wonderful way to remember Christmases past but also makes a stunning impression on visitors who bump into the large display in your home.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas cards can be used to make old-fashioned Christmas ornaments either in the form of boxes, or if you are interested in an Asian theme, you can make fans or cranes. Origami kits are available in local craft shops to learn the art of paper folding, origami, if youíve never tried it before. Add a hole and loop a string or pipe cleaner through it and theyíre ready to hang on the tree. These Christmas card projects can even be made a family affair and tree-decorating party.

Bookmarks and Gift Tags

If you donít want to spend time folding paper, then just use a variety of different scissors used for scrap-booking to make scalloped edges or pointed peaks along the border of a bookmark-or gift tag-shaped Christmas card cut-out. Paste it to a straight-bordered piece to make a frame effect. Add a hole at the top with a string and you can have an instant holiday bookmark or gift tag with these Christmas card project that are made from used Christmas cards.

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